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First, enjoy this little ditty from The Office.

I detest clutter. Yet, BAMP generates revenue selling items if recklessly purchased, create clutter. Here are some tips to get your brand on corporate gifts or SWAG without creating clutter for your customers or potential customers.

1. Buy SWAG That's Hard to Throw Away

There's a time and a place for a pen or a magnet. There's also a time for larger corporate gifts. While food or beverages are always a crowd-pleaser, this is aimed specifically at buying practical and desirable, branded gifts. Those $1 collapsible coolers? Ya, those disappear in my burn barrel. They take up valuable space in my kitchen and keep stuff cold for about 20 minutes on a hot summer day. Spend $8 on a heavier beverage cooler customers get separation anxiety throwing away.

2. Buy SWAG With a Purpose

I'm not sure how to break it to you, but there is no ONE item or ad that will ever communicate every blessed detail of your business and draw people in by the droves. Especially not a branded mug. Branding is won in the long game. I know my Clients' are the best businesses BUT listing every thing you can or will do for money on a mug is a turn-off. Ask yourself "what's something I use a lot?". Lets say its a wireless phone charger. Instead of spending $500 on 2,000 pens, what about spending $1,000 on 100 of a $10 branded wireless charger and strategically giving them to potential customer or current customers who need their hands free at their job but need your phone number handy during business hours?? You put only your logo and phone number. It stand out and is easy to read. Boom. You saved money and got yourself more phone calls.

But hey, if you like spending money for "funsies" we take those orders, too!

3. Buy SWAG From A Reputable Source

Reviews exist for a reason. Read them. Look at the majority of feedback. Everyone is prone to the angry keyboard warrior who slanders your business. Fact is, we've been that person before. Maybe your bad experience was a fluke, but maybe it wasn't. Read the reviews.

Further, before shopping online, keep in mind that ultimately, we all have to price promotional items, corporate gifts and apparel reasonably and competitively thanks to the internet. What may seem like "half price" online is going to result in fees tacked on at checkout, bad or no service on sub-standard products and very often, outsourced jobs. The global market is a beautiful thing, but when you add in local representatives like BAMP and Promotional Concepts, you pay FAIR prices for GOOD products to LOCAL people. Yes, we order from overseas because a very, very, very (very, very, very) small portion of items you want are made in the USA. Granted, I'd love to see that change (I'll save the rant on intellectual property theft for later). When you buy from a business with tons of great reviews and/or people you know personally, they aren't going to sell you junk. You being satisfied with quality products and service results in repeat business. We steer you away from poorly made products and continue to buy wholesale from suppliers with quality products. We make money little by little, doing a good job, time after time.

4. You ALWAYS Get What You Pay For

You want a $0.25 pen? Cool. Plan on it falling apart in your hand the first time you click it. (Literally, pen shrapnel. I've had it happen on a pen a Client decided to buy online.) Plan on it tearing a hole in the paper you are writing on. Or, plan on your logo disappearing after using it twice if it hasn't fallen victim to the first pitfall. Giving away cheap items (unless you do a ton of giveaways) could imply you do not value quality. As a marketer, I avoid anything that eludes to perceptions contrary to my business or my Clients' business practices. Double or triple your $0.25 pen budget and viola! you have a pen customers or future customers continue to use. They see your business name every time they pick it up! And if $100 worth of pens got you a $5,000 sale, you win.

5. More Expensive Isn't Always More

While I've reiterated the point of being focused on quality, you may think "boy she likes to spend money". That's not [entirely] true. I got familiar with this business after seeing silver-tongued sales where the product and massively inflated price get slid under customers' nose. At Promotional Concepts, Inc. we each take a flat rate and that's the end of it. No games. No working for free either. We get paid but we don't do so by breaking your budget.

This year I sold the EXACT SAME products to larger clients for 33% LESS. Why did they get charged so much? Because the customer could afford it. That was an inadvertent political statement so I'll continue. We charge the same mark-up to one man operations as 100 man operations. That's how we wanted to be treated. Not sure if you're getting a good price? Shop the item online, go all the way to checkout to see what set-up fees, shipping, taxes, turnaround times, etc. are. If your price is more than 10-15% than what you find online, call us or take the risk and buy online from sites with lots of good reviews. Remember, buying online may save you money up front but if you get the item and aren't happy, you're stuck with very few exceptions.

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Contact us for pricing on your next corporate gift or SWAG idea! If you have seen one branded, we can get it. Need ideas? Tell us your customer-type and budget. We wave a magic wand and gifts show up on your doorstep.

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