If your business has one employee or 100, we can help you get where you need to go. 

We don’t do magic. We work exclusively with self-motivators who have a need for specialized help and are willing to partner on projects.

We will make a plan that fits your budget and meets your marketing and publicity needs. We are happy to serve [almost] any industry. We learn what you do. We learn why people should spend money with you. We make a plan that you feel confident to invest your time and money in.


"Bethann and her team are incredibly talented and helpful. They’ve taken all of the guesswork off of my plate, saved me tons of time, increased my business, and streamlined everything into beautiful, professional products."

Shaylen Linke l Owner of Footworks Dance Studio

"BA Marketing goes above and beyond to make you a success. They have an eye to see the need in one's business and have their finger on the pulse of progress. Thank you BA Marketing & Publicity for your excellent customer service and patience in helping me achieve my life's dream."

Ginny Houser l Owner of Houser Ministries

"I worked with BA Marketing and Publicity on the creation of my companies website. They were open to my feedback, professional and the result was a quality product! I would highly recommend that you consider them for all of your marketing needs!"

Kindra Weston l Owner of Midwest Mental Health

"Bethann is amazing to work with!! She created the logo for my business a few years ago and I couldn’t be happier with it. I’ve ordered numerous personalized items with the logo on them and she is always so patient and prompt about finding me exactly what I’m looking for! I would recommend Bethann and BA Marketing & Publicity to anyone!!"

Becky Hagey l Owner of Hagey Performance Horses

"I've been working with BA Marketing for a while now and I can't recommend them enough!!! My husband and I own the Sanctuary Restaurant. I so love and appreciate Bethann's creativity, flexibility and TOLERANCE of working with someone like me who can be quite "particular" (that's code for anal) about things lol. Work with BA Marketing... You WON'T regret it!!!"

Renay Cabbage l Owner of The Sanctuary Restaurant 

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